Leicester Street Pastors

How we’ve helped

The following posters give specific examples of how we’ve helped people in Leicester City Centre on weekend nights:

Apologies – I cannot upload our news bulletin posters as screenshots either. A monthly update of practical ways we have helped in the city can be found on our “Leicester Street Pastors” Facebook page. Our news bulletin posters contain more information on spiritual conversations we have had and how local churches can support us in any given month (recruitment, requests for men’s gloves etc). If you or your church would like to subscribe to our bi-monthly news bulletin, please email leicester@streetpastors.org.uk and ask to be added to the news bulletin email list. Many thanks.

Apologies – This website will no longer allow us to upload documents. I have tried uploading our news bulletin posters in both PDF and Publisher formats but neither is allowed. I will try to upload screenshots of our news bulletins instead.

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