Leicester Street Pastors

What do we do?

walking in pairs

We walk around the city centre streets in a team of four on weekend nights to be available to anyone and everyone. We do not go out to preach but, rather, to listen, care and help. The people we talk with, stay with or assist might be young people out partying, rough sleepers, or people in distress after an accident. They might also be door staff, bar staff, nightclub staff or taxi drivers who sometimes ask us to help out with certain situations.

Currently a team is out every Saturday night and on the first and last Friday night of each month. We start at 10:00pm and we finish at around 3:30am the following morning.

Our one-page news bulletins show specific ways we have helped people in Leicester City Centre in recent weeks. They help people get a real flavour of what we are about and the kinds of things we do. To read them, click on the ‘How we’ve helped’ section of our website.