Leicester Street Pastors


A message posted on the national Street Pastor website in March 2015:

On Saturday 10 January I went out to Leicester with three friends, after a meal and quite a few drinks, my friend started to become ill. We then called for a lift home, but my friend had started to throw up. Shortly after a pair of street pastors came to ask if there was anything they could do to assist me in taking care of my friend. They gave her a bottle of water and spent a few minutes making sure that I was ok. I would just like to say to every team that goes out and offers assistance to people who have over done the night out, that you are doing amazing work! I’m sure this can be a very thankless job at times, but it does restore my faith in Christianity. – Abbigail


An anonymous email received by Leicester Street Pastors in January 2015:

“Just wanted to say thank you for checking on me when I was a little worse for wear on a Saturday night out in Leicester. I am mortified how much I drank and the consequences of that yet despite only remembering snippets of the night I clearly remember two friendly faces who gave me water and were genuinely concerned for my welfare. You are truly caring people and for that I thank you x “


Chief Constable Simon Cole shares his thoughts about Leicester Street Pastors within this video:



Leicester City Centre Director Sarah Harrison writes about the Leicester City Centre St Pastors

I wonder how many of you have heard of this wonderful group of volunteers who come into Leicester City Centre late at night over the weekends to lend a helping hand to those young people or the homeless who need it.

Their work sounds simple but the impact of what these volunteers do is priceless.  They picked up over 2,000 empty bottles from the streets last year so those out enjoying themselves did not get injured from broken glass..  They hand out pairs of flip flops to girls whose killer heels have got the better of them and are walking bare foot in the streets at risk of getting cut feet.  This simple initiative saves thousands of pounds of hospital costs when the need to treat glass cuts is avoided.  People who lose their friends and need help getting home; the person who is not feeling well and needs a bit of comfort and reassurance; the homeless person on the street who has no-one to speak to about their problems.  These are just a very few examples of the valuable role the street pastors play in keeping our late night visitors safe and sound.
The Leicester Street Pastors started in April 2005 and we now have more than 30 volunteer street pastors.

Although a volunteer organisation, there are costs that need to be covered and so the Leicester Street Pastors have launched a BE ONE IN 100 scheme .  They are looking for 100 people or organisations to donate £5 per month (£60) and gift aid it to the work they do in our city centre.  In doing this, you will free the volunteers from the worry of fundraising and enable them to focus on the excellent support they provide to our young people.  If, like me, you wish to be 1 in 100 (except now you would be 1 in 99!), then please contact the Leicester Street Pastors via email on leicester@streetpastors.org.uk .  Of course, you are very welcome to make a larger donation!

Thank you in advance to those of you who are able to support this Leicester charity.

We are so lucky to have such a great team of Street Pastors in Leicester. The role they play in helping the city deliver a safe and secure night time environment for all visitors to enjoy is invaluable. Over the years, people in need of help have really valued the support given by this wonderful group of volunteers.

Sarah Harrison, City Centre Director

If you would like to share your experience of Street Pastors and add your testimonial to our page email us at leicester@streetpastors.org.uk