Leicester Street Pastors

What is a Street Pastor?

AGM 2013

A Street Pastor is a Christian volunteer who loves people and has a concern for society. She or he is member of a local church and may or may not be a church leader.

Each Street Pastor has given up many hours of their time, often at weekends, to attend training sessions in areas such as awareness of the community, working in conjunction with local authorities and businesses, personal safety, conflict resolution, safeguarding, working with vulnerable adults, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, the pressures that our young people face and more. All our Street Pastors are DBS checked.

Street Pastors care about the people in our community that much that they are willing to walk the city centre streets until around 4:00am one weekend night a month.

While out at night Street Pastors:

  • care, provide a listening ear, and try to help however we can
  • build relationships within the community
  • make sure people are safe
  • are non-judgemental
  • look out for vulnerable people
  • clear broken glass and bottles
  • give out free flip flops preventing injury to feet
    from glass
  • give out blankets, or other resources at our disposal to keep people warm
  • attend to those who are hurt or unwell until help arrives